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Why You Shouldn’t Leave the Cat in Charge of Your Marketing – Part 2

In Part 1, I explored one cat's approach to marketing (attracting sustenance). Now in Part 2, we'll consider how Kramer, my other furry guru, manages his approach to getting what he needs; and once again there are lots of parallels to marketing strategies.

As a reminder, for this exploration, consider food and attention (sustenance) as the equivalent of sales/income (sustenance). Kramer's actions and antics are his marketing strategy and tactics. I am the Customer because I have the sustenance and Kramer wants some. He really wants some. 

Kramer-cropped Unlike his buddy, Norton, Kramer tends toward a more sleek and sophisticated style, but he is not af
raid to flaunt his quirks. He can be a kind of "outside the box" guy (literally, but we don't need to go there.) And even more so then Norton, Kramer is perfectly content to ignore the Customer until he needs sustenance. In fact, he sets a whole new standard on what it means to ignore the Customer.

The foundation of Kramer's marketing strategy is quid pro quo…I'll do something for you, you give me food. And he has two categories of "something" that he gives in order to gain: entertainment and gifts with intention.  Here's how it starts…

Why You Shouldn’t Leave the Cat in Charge of Your Marketing


This is Norton. He is one of my two furry feline gurus.
This week, Norton and his buddy Kramer (you'll meet him later) have been teaching me different approaches to marketing. It started like this: they were being totally annoying (as only cats can be), because they were ABSOLUTELY STARVING!! But each was using a very different approach to get what they wanted. And I got to thinking that their actions were beginning to look like individual marketing approaches. Let's take a closer look…