Perspective Shifters

I Don’t Want To And You Can’t Make Me!

Angry girlMy inner 5 year old is pitching a fit. You see, we made a writing playdate with a treasured colleague, because we want to write. A lot. Regularly. Because we've got a lot to say. And we think, with some humility, that maybe some of it will be valuable for others (maybe even you) to read. And we truly hate to deprive you of anything. 'Cuz we really like you.

 And now, my ornery inner kid is working up to a temper tantrum because, while she loves to do many, many things, she hates to "have to" do anything. (She is completely done with being a "good girl"). And it seems that once something gets on the calendar and begins to approximate a "practice" or (gasp) a "discipline," (No, not that! Anything but that!) she wants no part of it. Even if it is something she loves more than a freshly opened box of Crayolatm crayons. (Exasperated sigh).

So today I give in to the truth that "I don't want to and you can't make me!" and meet it with curiosity rather than force or denial.