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Kudos & Kind Words

“You’re doing something very, very special in the world!”

I just opened my bracelet and had to email you...it's beautiful!! Even more beautiful than I had expected! And I also have to share it brought me to tears, thinking about how these particular planets and sun and moon were present at the time of my birth, how special that is, and how the heavens recognize each of us as individuals, bringing our own particular talents and abilities into each lifetime. What profound work you do! Thank you so, so much for crafting this gorgeous piece for me. I will wear it with reverence. You're doing something very, very special in the world!

Rebecca Trono, www.tranquildogsconsulting.com

“I got my bracelet and I just love it!”

I got my bracelet and I just LOVE it! Thank you! Further, I must tell you that the whole presentation was beyond fabulous, really. I didn’t just receive something I had ordered and paid for thru the mail: I got a GIFT. I truly had the experience of receiving a gift — and this was an unexpected delight. The beautiful wrapping, nestled in its own nest, the very well done card with explanation and lovely graphics… really, Laura, such a delight and happy surprise! I wish you could have been there to see my face when I was uncovering and discovering what you had crafted for me. So…thank you, and a thrillion blessings upon you and all your endeavors!

Lisa Lindahl

“I wholeheartedly recommend her!”

If you want a probing dialogue in order to look closely at and do something about some aspect of your life, and if you want a thoughtful, imaginative, compassionate, professional, direct, clear-sighted, creative, patient, playful and down-to-earth person to dialogue with, Laura is the coach to consider. She truly is a warm, flowing spring of insight, encouragement, and possibility, and I wholeheartedly recommend her.

J.W. -- Anti-Poverty Program Director

“Working with Laura has made a huge impact in moving me towards my goals.”

I turned to Laura to help me bring my creative business and product ideas to fruition. Where I was struggling, she helped me find joy, energy, and excitement. Where I was overwhelmed, she helped me find clarity and manageable footholds. She was able to help me tap into the depths of her own experience in a way that moved my own development process forward by leaps and bounds. Laura has a wonderfully supportive, optimistic, and can-do style, which -- coupled with her powerful insight -- has made a huge impact in moving me towards my goals.

M.D. -- Coach & Product Developer

“If you are looking to birth an idea, no matter how big or small, call Laura.”

Laura is a natural reassurer and encourager of possibility who has been an invaluable idea midwife to me. Through her gentle, strong, positive presence I almost effortlessly took an idea and birthed it into a producible product in less than seven months. If we hadn't met weekly, I'm certain the idea would have languished in the outer recesses of my to-do list indefinitely. If you are looking to birth an idea, no matter how big or small, call Laura. You'll be simultaneously relieved and energized after your first session.

C.L. -- Coach, Author, Coaching Product Creator

“Our time together was reassurance that I am on my path, beautifully supported by the Universe.”

Laura's ability to use astrology as a tool to see my path, combined with her skills as a coach, provided the perfect environment to impel me toward the thing that terrifies me as much as it excites me. Our time together was reassurance that I am on my path, beautifully supported by the Universe, and beautifully equipped to go this next leg of my journey. Days later, I remain filled with inspiration and energy for moving forward in confidence.

Liz Dallas, Vital Leadership

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